Composer: Oosthuizen, Amanda.
Title: Let's Play Flute.
Publisher: Kevin Mayhew UK (MelBay), 1999.
Type: beginning method / reading
Level: 1A to beginning of 1B
Rating: 3 star(s)

Description: A complete method, designed for the very young beginner, this book has attractive illustrations, helpful hints, quiz pages and many duets (with the teacher playing a very complex flute accompaniment). The book is also designed for use in flute group classes and has group class games and activities. The book has built in report card/progress pages with practice charts and stages such as "I can finger B-A and A-G and echo two note tunes." The beginning concepts such as quarter note and half-note and the notes C, B, A, G, and F take up a full half of the book, ensuring slow and steady progress for the very young. The second half of the book begins with the eighth note and the first accidental, B-flat and progresses to F#, E1, D1, and slurs.

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