Composer: Lesley, Simon
Title: Funky Scales for Flute
Publisher: London: Chester Music, 2002
Type: Etude
Level: 1A-3
Rating: 4 star(s)

Description: One of the most interesting scale books I have ever seen. This book covers grades 1-3 of ABRSM boards and contains CM, GM, FM, DM,B-flatM, AM, am, em, dm, bm, gm, f#m and chromatic. For each scale, there is an exercise "One octave in rhythm," with a different rhythm for each key, as well as "A Piece Using the Notes of the Scale" and "A Piece Based on the Arpeggio." For each key, these latter two pieces are exactly the same, and slowly as the book progresses and discusses the scale degrees/intervallic relationships, the notes of these two pieces are removed so that the student learns the skill of transposing the songs into the new key. The backing CD is entertaining with each exercise accompanied by a different style of music, including Salsa, New Age, Disco, R and B, Pipe Organ, and Military March.

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